We Must Fight – President Reagan

We Must Fight - President Reagan (TyDale's Version)

Ronald Reagan is one of the most decorated American politicians and actors, who also served as the President from 1981 to 1989. During his time, he defeated the evil of last twentieth century, but one of his most important contributions to the world is the speech that you will see here in the video. From his speech “A Time for Choosing”, which was delivered in 1964 but is still one of the best motivational speeches which are bound to move hearts.

“We must fight” – this is a very powerful phrase. In this day and age, how many of us take steps to fight against corruption? How many of us take time from our “busy schedules” and take part in fighting against what is wrong? The sense of motivation echoes in the phrase, which portrays the fact that we must fight to attain respect and peace, instead of surrendering to our enemies. At the time, the speech was given to stir a sense of patriotism among masses, to join the army and fight against America’s rivals but today, anyone who sees this video gets a strong feeling of rising up against evil and triumphing over it.

Reagan begins his speech by saying how easily one can attain peace through surrender. This is true, people often choose the easier option, that is to be peaceful than revolt and raise their voices against what’s wrong. But the question lies in the fact that if we keep retreating and backing down, what will happen when the “final ultimatum” arrives? How will we face it? Reagan says that by then, we will be weakened morally, spiritually, and economically and we will have to voluntarily surrender. That is not a surprise if we keep accepting the wrong and surrendering just for the sake of peace.

Reagan narrates that we should not believe life is so endearing and peace so sweet that it has to be purchased at the cost of slavery and torture, and here is where the road to war begins. In a powerful emotion, Reagan narrates how the martyrs of history did not give up their lives in vain so that we could surrender just for the mere sake of peace, and just how true this is, isn’t it? If the great individuals of our past could lay their lives on the line, to fight against their enemies to take rightfully what was theirs, why can’t we just do the little we should, why can’t we raise our voices against the wrong-doers?

Reagan ends the speech on a strong and inspiring note by saying that we should possess the courage to say to our enemies, that there is a price that we will not pay and a point beyond which our enemies should not advance. The power of these words is much more than what we think because once we glorify this notion, that our enemies do not have the right to cross their boundaries, and we shouldn’t pay a hefty price just for the sake of peace, we will be much stronger than what we are now.

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